Saturday, 26 January 2008

Well it’s been a while, but I have been busy!

I have decided to write a new BLOG leaving the old MG Revival one to gather dust and lie dormant – a bit like most of Longbridge these days! ( - or if you live in China )
I guess I should explain to those whom never read my previous tales from inside the Anglo-Sino motor industry who I am. Well like thousands of other Brits I grew up working, living and breathing the British Motor Industry. Starting with Land Rover way back when, moving to Jaguar, Lotus and finally ending at MG-Rover. I then found myself on the scrap heap at 30 something, and made the decision to “get on my bike” to a nation that is famous for “getting on its bike” – China.
I had been traveling to and from China for a couple of years before finally deciding to make roots in this land of opportunities. Working with MG-Rover and SAIC on the ill fated proposed Joint Venture, before settling down with Nanjing MG, this proved a fantastic insight to working in a Chinese State owned company. In a senior position I was allowed to see, hear, smell and touch what most foreigners will never get close to. It also proved to be the inspiration in my writing, and I have been documenting my life, the sights and the sounds over the last few years – culminating in a serious of BLOGs, newspaper / magazine articles and a soon to be produced TV series (more about this later).
Looking for a new challenge I decided to move to another project. This time I wouldn’t ‘just’ be responsible for the quality of the product being built – I would take full responsibility for the whole project, a project to build the Iconic London Taxi in China (The reason for the BLOG name!).
Whilst working for NAC, I was left alone to do almost as I pleased. I could write and say almost whatever I wanted (although a certain interview with National Peoples Radio from the USA almost proved to be my downfall!) Working for a British – Chinese joint venture is very different. I have already been coached into avoiding certain subject matters, and not mentioning certain individuals or daring to divulge any backroom politics. So what can I write about? Seems like a difficult proposition, and one I have pondered over (another reason for the long stretch between this and my last post). Well never one to be told what to do, I will still endeavor to write an honest and open approach to working and living in China, I have also decided to share a view of the interesting and sometimes bizarre stories I read, see and hear whilst working, living and occasionally playing in China.

Interesting events soon to be revealed:

  • Beijing Auto Show – behind the scenes, a look at the real goings on behind arguably the most important Car show in the world!
  • “Taxi to Tibet” A tale of hardship, hunger and hilarious adventures on a journey from Beijing to Tibet in a London taxi.
  • “Shanghaied” A six part drama / comedy series based on the story of a group of British Car workers ‘Shanghaied’ to work and live for a Chinese Automotive company – sound familiar?
  • NAC MG the truth behind the façade – maybe!

Well there we have it – the first post over, all that’s left to do is keep up the one a week minimum posting – if you have any ideas of suggestions or what to write about, please feel free to drop me a note. Ta Ta for now!


mgstowe said...

You keep leaving out that you was a hod carrier!years ago

Glenn said...
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Nora said...

Well well, finally I found the blog of the well known Paul Stowe of whom I read so much before. Well not that much, as I never found you blog. :-S
I am happy I found your new blog just in time and can start reading about the London Cabs from the beginning. This will be the first blog ever I will try to read frequently (Depends on how much time my own blog and my son take) as I feel like sitting in the same boat.
I wish you all the success you need to get the London Cabs running in China - please start with Shanghai!. I saw them once and I realy like them. They would be a nice change to the omnipresent Santana.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Shanghai ! Do you want to buy some shock absorbers :-)

Nick in Shanghai.

Jack Yan said...

Glad to see you here at your new blog, Paul! I look forward to subsequent posts.